Seeking the silver-lining in unforeseen circumstances.


This is the second consecutive year I’ve had to miss Q-School because on my ongoing injury. From exploring new passions to professional opportunities, I’ve discovered silver linings amid setbacks.

Last week marked the deadline for LPGA Q-School, for a second consecutive year I did not register. Gulp. Here’s why and the silver lining in it all.

For those who have followed my journey in professional golf, you’re aware that it has been anything but ordinary. I embarked on my professional career in January of 2021, and initially, things were promising as I got off to a strong start, continuously evolving as a player throughout the year.

However, early in 2022, I encountered an injury that sidelined me. Since that fateful day in March, I’ve been on a roller coaster of medical tests, doctor visits, and a substantial amount of rest. It’s been a scenario I never could have predicted.

Nevertheless, I’ve come to terms with it. That’s simply life – it rarely unfolds exactly as we’ve meticulously planned. Imagine how mundane it would be if we knew every twist and turn awaiting us around the corner!?

I’m still out with an injury, and in this time I’ve been able to explore a lot of my other interests. It has been a rejuvenating experience, revealing an entirely new world that I would have remained oblivious to if not for this injury. On the professional front, I’ve had the privilege to collaborate with various golf brands and media outlets, participate in the Annika Foundation Fundraiser (which I wrote about last week), increase my personal writing, and reflect on what my career in golf has meant to me.

In my personal life, I’ve rediscovered the little joys that bring me spark happiness on a daily basis. I’ve assumed a new role as “Barista Brynn,” crafting cappuccinos each morning. I’ve also delved into the art of pasta making alongside my husband in the evenings, witnessed the growth of my first nephew as he approaches his first year, taken morning strolls through the neighborhood with the whispering autumn breeze foretelling its arrival, and recently, I’ve begun preparations for the pumpkin extravaganza that fuels my passion during the Fall season. All things I would miss had I’d been on the road.

The point I’d like to emphasize is that there’s always a silver lining; it’s simply a matter of choosing to perceive it that way. Last week when registration closed for Q-School it was a very ominous feeling. I skipped last year’s tournament due to my injury, under the assumption that I’d be able to participate this year. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

However, on the flip side, after a year of searching, I’m relieved to have finally received a definitive diagnosis and a treatment plan. Beyond that, the future remains uncertain. While I do have “plans” and “goals” that I’ll strive for each day, I’m acutely aware that there are limits to what I can control.

If there’s one invaluable lesson I’ve gleaned from this experience, it’s that our focus should rest solely on what is within our control. Among all the things we believe we can manage, the one aspect we can consciously choose each day is our attitude and how we interpret the events life presents.

This brings to mind the age-old adage that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we choose to respond. If life seems to deviate from our meticulously crafted plans, I encourage you to step back and gain perspective. Consider the possibility that there is purpose behind the altered course.

It’s all copy to the narrative that constitutes our lives. As individuals, we’re responsible for setting the tone, work towards the climax, and determining whether we’ll assume the role of a victim or a victor in the grand game of life.

Remember, failures are merely stepping stones along the path to our future. Hence, I could easily succumb to disappointment over another year passing without my enrollment in Q-School. Alternatively, I can choose to be appreciative of the opportunities that this time has afforded me, the endeavors I’ve undertaken, and the fresh perspectives that my eyes have been opened to.

I wholeheartedly opt for the latter. After all, life is fleeting, so why dwell in sorrow when there’s no necessity to do so? 🤷🏻‍♀️