Living my dream by day while chasing the one that keeps me up at night

My Story

I am a professional golfer chasing my dream. As a little girl, I always wanted to be a professional athlete. When I was striking out all of the boys in little league baseball, I wanted to be the first female in the MLB. When I fell in love with the game of golf at the age of 10, my dream took a different form. My goal went from the MLB to the LPGA. I know this is a rather audacious goal, but it’s the one that burns deep down in my soul. It will take hard work, sacrifice and a deep rooted belief in myself.

I started a blog because I want to share this journey with all of you. Growing up as a dream chaser, there have been a lot of role models that I have looked up to. One thing I always wished from them is that they had documented their journey to get there. So, that’s when I decided I’d create an authentic documentation of my own. The highs, the lows and everything in between. In doing so, I hope to grow this great game that has been so good to me and inspire others on their journey, whatever that might be!



Home Town

St. David's, PA


5' 10"


UNC-Chapel Hill

Career Highlights


LPGA Starts


USGA Events


Seasons at UNC


PA State Titles

Facts About My Game 

Favorite Club

Driver - Titleist TSi2

Lowest Round


Current Status

Epson Tour

Favorite Course

Stowe Mountain Club

My Team

Golf may be an individual sport, but I'd be no where close to where I am today without the team behind me. To them, I have heart of gratitude.

Swing Coach | John Dunigan

John and I have worked together for just over a year. Over that time, he has brought my game to a new level. He’s repetitively show his dedication to my game (even carrying the bag for one tournament). John believes in my potential and continually instills that belief in myself. I’m extremely grateful for his support and excited for our journey together!

Strength Training | IM Performance

I worked one on one with the head of IM Performance, Rene Cammarata, since I was in high school. From the early days of learning a front squat to now stacking more and more weight on the bars, Rene has continually strengthened my body, my mind and my heart.

Family | Dad, Mom, Ryan, Devon, Colby & Trevor

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a very family-oriented girl. My three siblings are my biggest role models and greatest source of inspiration. Their unconditional support has given me the strength to keep working hard and their never-ending love allows for laughter when that is just what we need. My parents are the foundation on my feet and the force pushing me forward. Luke Combs song, “Without You”, say’s it best, “It’s me they love to give the credit to, But me don’t mean a thing without you,” My fiancé, Trevor, is my teammate for this game of life. I couldn’t do it without his unwavering encouragement to pursue my dream.

My Partners

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