“What about us?!”

I knew it was coming. Those were the words out of my two older sisters’ mouths after reading my first blog. For those of you who didn’t read the blog, it was about how the relationship between my brother and me influenced the trajectory of my life. They are right, it would be doing them a disservice if I did not explain the impact that they have had on my life.

Devon and Colby or better known as “the girls” are my two biggest fans. Despite the many people that have told me, “I’m your biggest fan,” I know in my heart that the two people who selflessly always support and cheer me on are my two sisters. They have been the two that have to sit at the dinner table and listen to my dad, my brother and I talk about how we can’t believe this putt lipped out or how that chip went in while they would rather be talking about the delicious food they just made. One thing you should know is that Devon and Colby don’t really like golf, nor do they know much about the game. So, that makes it all the more remarkable that they are my biggest fans. Or maybe that’s what makes this relationship so unique and important. Regardless if I’ve just achieved a great feat or in the depths of tough times, they love me for who I am.

Devon is the high energy, fun, loving and adventurous sister that is always trying to make a lasting memory during the moments we have together. That’s probably why she spends her days teaching a third-grade classroom the lessons of reading, writing, math and science. My hope is that through her love and enthusiasm, she is teaching them a lot more than that. Devon is the first to text me the night before a big round wishing me well and usually telling me to “have fun.” She brings out the young kid inside of me and stands as a constant reminder that I must enjoy myself on this journey.

Colby is a sweetheart. She is blessed with an incredible amount of artistic ability, a witty sense of humor, and a heart that is more precious than gold. Colby is only three years older than me, so before I sank into the loneliness of “only child life,” I was fortunate enough to spend two years at home just the two of us. Colby is more reserved than Devon and can spend hours alone drawing or merely letting her mind run in creativity. Colby has had a tremendous impact on making sure my identity stands in who I am and not the number on the scorecard. Before every tournament (when she remembers… Colby is a little forgetful😂), she sends me either the Athlete’s Prayers or the sportsmanship quote that you see below.











I know not everyone has sisters; I have been fortunate to have these two in my life. However, we all have or can find those people that keep us grounded and take our minds off of the stressful thoughts of everyday life. You know those friends who always find a way to make you laugh or remind you not to take life too seriously? It may get frustrating sometimes because it doesn’t feel like you are productive, but in my experience, I have found it brings more energy and life into my heart for when I need it most. Harness those times and embrace those relationships. For those that have sisters, it is a bond unlike any other, and I hope this blog served as a reminder to be grateful for the best friends you will never be able to get rid of.

Devon(middle) and Colby(right) supporting me in the 30 degree, rainy weather in Chicago at my first NCAA Championship. Colby was famously quoted, “I am literally wearing everything I brought.”