Rory McIlroy’s missed putt at the U.S. Open was a heartbreaker. One shot. That’s all it took to snatch the trophy away. But amidst the disappointment, there’s a powerful lesson.

Life, like golf, hinges on moments. A single opportunity seized, a burst of momentum, a stroke of kindness – these can change everything. We all have “bad days,” those times when the shore seems miles off and the current relentlessly pushes us farther away. Yet, just like a clutch putt, one positive move can shift the tide.

For me, the past two years, while rich with blessings, have also brought immense challenges. There have been moments when the flame in my heart flickered so faintly, I questioned if it still burned at all.

Then, in the depths of my darkest hours, a singular person or idea reignited that fire, casting light where shadows loomed large.

Recently, I was traveling for work, feeling a bit low on inspiration as I boarded the plane.

As luck would have it, the U.S. Open was ending as we went airborne. With American Airlines’ in-flight entertainment, I propped my phone on the headrest and watched the final moments of the tournament unfold 30,000 feet above ground.

Beside me, another passenger was equally engrossed. Together, we rode the emotional rollercoaster as the leaderboard swung back and forth between Rory and Bryson.

In one pivotal instant, we witnessed the stark contrast: one man triumphantly on top of the world, the other grappling with perhaps his biggest defeat.

As the plane descended and I stowed away my phone, I reflected on the diverse journeys of everyone aboard. Perhaps some felt akin to Rory, grappling with setbacks, while others soared like Bryson, reveling in triumph. And there I was, somewhere in between.

During that trip, a single person’s belief in me rekindled my spirit, reminding me of my own potential. In an instant, the tide turned.

Rory McIlroy, I believe, will swiftly rebound—not just due to his self-belief but also the outpouring of support from countless others. It’s a testament to our shared humanity: in life’s highs and lows, we are interconnected.

We each possess the remarkable power to uplift others—through a kind word, a helping hand, or a glimmer of hope. These gestures, no matter how small, wield immense influence.

So today or tomorrow, be the catalyst that changes someone’s trajectory. Whether it’s a friend, a stranger, or even Rory himself, all it takes is one. Be that one.

The Good Stuff

As I finished writing this, my husband sent me this video from Ben Rector. It’s a perfect example of one person using their gifts to lift up another. It’s written for Rory, but I’m pretty sure we can all apply its message to our own lives. Thanks, Ben!