I haven’t played golf in over four months, and for avid golfers like me, that feels like an eternity. Living in a four-season state means saying goodbye to golf during winter, relying on indoor hitting bays to curb our cravings. We all know it’s coming. Yet, the real farewell comes with the arrival of fall—the best way for golf to say goodbye.

The autumn foliage, crisp air, and ideal conditions create those cozy comforting rounds, making fall my favorite golf season. Now, as I pass golf courses and see leaves dancing in the trees, I’m struck with nostalgia and a deep longing for the game.

Initially bitter about being unable to play, I’ve come to see this hiatus as a gift. It has forced me to reflect on moments in my career when burnout overshadowed the joy of the game. The constant pressure to perform often made me forget my gratitude for golf—a common experience for many athletes caught in the grind.

The saying ‘you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone’ holds true. Although I yearn to throw on my golf bag and stroll a few holes with family, this time away has granted me perspective. It made me strip away the pressure, rekindling my appreciation for the simple beauty of the game.

When I return, I know I’ll savor the joy of golf like never before. Swinging the club will bring happiness, and stepping onto the tee will be a moment of calm. This break allowed me to rediscover what I truly love about the game – the peace of being in beautiful surroundings, the pursuit to be better, the shared experience with loved ones, and the perfect way to end a day. 

This hiatus, though temporarily stripping away one of my passions, is a gift. It offers a chance to regain a childlike perspective on the game I adore. Golf has taken me to incredible places, introduced me to remarkable people, and given me irreplaceable memories. Yet, what I treasure most is the prospect of an evening fall round with loved ones. When I return, I’ll relish those moments even more.

I believe this principle extends to all aspects of life. When the monotony of daily routines conceals your passion for a task, a brief respite can reignite that flame. Sometimes, all it requires is a momentary pause to shake off the dust and uncover the hidden gem beneath. Personally, I may not have willingly taken a break, but certain events unfold for a reason, and through this I’ve learned rest isn’t for the weak. Instead it’s for those who have the courage to see there is a season for everything in life. For me, this will be a fall full of rest.

The Good Stuff

This is my favorite quote. It encompasses life. We can’t control circumstances, but we can always control our attitude.

“Everything happens for a reason, live it, love it, learn from it. Make your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile.” – Unknown