We know players by their personalities, the clothes they wear, the clubs they play, and perhaps the puppy that accompanies them on the practice green. During the rounds, we learn their preferred drink to quench their thirst in the heat of competition. However, for the first time this week, we discovered each player’s barista brew that they hope brings them birdies. 

At this year’s U.S. Women’s Open, Good Walk Coffee has partnered with the USGA to provide coffee for players, workers, and volunteers. In player’s dining, Good Walk has set up a full-on barista station so players have options that extend far beyond the standard selection of decaf or regular that is usually found on tournament sights.

While this may seem like a minor detail, it has been a fan favorite among all who’ve played a part. Many coffee connoisseurs have taken to social media to express their love for the coffee company’s support this year – giving the caffeine credit for pushing them through the exhausting heat hitting Pine Needles this week. Palos Verdes Championship winner, Marina Alex shared her love for the coffee on Instagram and Michelle Wie turned down Starbucks to support her local California company. 

For founder and CEO, Chris Mellow, being part of the U.S. Women’s Open has brought his journey in golf and coffee full circle. Chris was first introduced to the game through his grandfather at a municipal course in the mountains of North Carolina. His favorite part of those days was the conversations shared over the long walks on the links. However, his first taste of tournament golf came at the 1985 U.S. Open at Oakland Hills Country Club. Living in Michigan at the time, Chris was able to attend. He says that experience sparked his interest in the tradition, spirit, and history of golf. Later in his life, Chris moved out to Los Angeles, a mecha for the coffee roasting community. It is then he realized the conversations shared over a cup of coffee are similar to those had over a round of golf. He found that when cup of coffee or a golf club is in hand, stories are told with more soul. The company, Good Walk Coffee, was born in an effort to blend those two passions. 

Stories formulating this week over coffee and golf are greater than just the game. From volunteers to players, their coffee of choice has added to the depth of character that was previously known. The volunteers share in the comaraderie of a simple roast. The nitro brew cans stocked in the volunteer’s tent were often mistaken as beer – creating judgments on customers cracking those cans in the early morning hours. In the meantime, caddies search for the cold brews. A beverage that can cool down the toasty temps while offering the quickest caffeine boost. Players head to the barista station for more “boujee” drinks. Youngsters search for the sugar rush with a pretty swirl while veterans opt for the lower calorie alternative milk options. Generational differences are revealed by the contents found in the depths of a coffee cup. 

As you expected players to grow weary at the onset of a championship weekend, don’t be surprised if you saw an extra pep in their step. Pleased by their choice of coffee consumption this week, they’ll consider it a good walk all the way to the last cup.