A Little Bit About Me

I am the youngest of four kids and I have always looked up to my older siblings.  They were my first role models, and since then I have been fortunate enough to have many others who have greatly influenced my life. A willingness to follow the examples my role models have set and a drive to achieve greatness has led me to strive to live an inspirational life. I prefer to live my life by choosing to chase excellence in what I define as worthy pursuits. When I set my eyes on a goal, I work tirelessly to achieve it. Through a commitment to pursue my dream as a professional golfer, I’ve found the greatest victory is living out our dream everyday and sharing it with others so they too can live theirs. I want people to feel special and see that regardless of life’s struggles, there is always joy to be found and celebrated in the world. I hope I can use my journey in golf and this website to transparently document the pursuit of a dream. In the end, I hope this inspires you as you pursue yours!


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